Dr. Mary Ann Lila Contributes to Dole Nutrition Book

Dr. Mary Ann Lila, director of the Plants for Human Health Institute, is a contributing author of the recently published book, The Dole Nutrition Handbook (Dole Nutrition Institute, 2010). In the chapter, “You Are What You Eat,” a question and answer format allows Dr. Lila to explain scientific concepts related to nutraceuticals, their health benefits and their availability from foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. The book is written for average consumers who can glean practical, applied information about healthy food choices, while gaining an appreciation for the science behind the superfoods.

Dr. Steven Leath, vice president for research, UNC system, also contributed to the book, explaining how the role of nutrients in plants can often be paralleled to the role of nutrients in people. Similarly, plant compounds that convey protective properties in plants may function as nutraceuticals in people. Other faculty from the N.C. Research Campus and researchers across the country contributed to the book.  Mr. David H. Murdock, chairman of the Dole Food Company, spearheaded the project and visited the N.C. Research Campus in January for a book signing. The limited edition book can be purchased online directly from Dole.