Job Openings

PHHI Senior Research Scholar- HPC Cluster

Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI) Small Fruit and Vegetable Breeding and Genomics Faculty member, Dr. Massimo Iorizzo, is seeking a highly motivated individual with expertise in bioinformatics and plant genomics to join the lab as a Senior Research Scholar. The Senior Research Scholar is expected to conduct advanced research in the group to develop genomic resources and reconcile, analyze complex multi-omics datasets to study genes and metabolic pathways affecting accumulation of health-promoting, phytoactive compounds in fruit and vegetable crops.

The successful incumbent of this position must be familiar with plant genome assembly (de-novo), gene prediction and annotation with an emphasis on genes involved in plant metabolic pathway, and comparative genomic analysis (e.g. Pan-genome analysis).

This research position is expected to coordinate and/or conduct multiple, concurrent assignments or a multi-faceted project. This position will engage in collaborative projects with other lab members and external collaborators that have expertise in plant and molecular biology, quantitative genetics, crop breeding and metabolomics.

The position will also develop and maintain new analytical pipelines and computational/statistical approaches to analyze data, and provide training to other lab members including students, on bioinformatics and computational applications and tools in an HPC environment. The position will lead and assist in preparation technical reports, grant proposal, manuscripts and presentations, including development of independent research objectives. Depending on academic productivity, opportunity for career advancement exists within the Iorizzo lab.

This position is located in Kannapolis, NC.

Temporary Lab Technician

This is a temporary position to work at the plant genetic and nutritional genomic laboratory located at NC research campus in Kannapolis, NC. The incumbent will help to organize and process blueberry and carrot samples. Lab work will include catalogue and organize blueberry samples using barcode system, organize and entry sample information in a database, chemical composition analysis including, phenolics, anthocyanin, pH, Brix, SSC, moisture content. The candidate has to demonstrate the ability to work independently and creatively. He/She will provide support to the peers and collaborative partners and other students and have good communication skills.