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Prospective graduate students should contact faculty directly.

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

A postdoctoral position in Nutritional Biochemistry is available to join the laboratory of Dr. Abdulkerim Eroglu.

The successful candidate in this position will focus on the effects of dietary bioactive compounds on metagenomics, spatial transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Initially, studies will utilize cell-based assays on the ability of phytochemicals to modulate transcription factors. Subsequently, the combination of in vitro, animal, clinical, and epidemiologic studies will be employed to understand the role of phytochemicals in maintaining optimal human health.

  • An ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or Molecular and Cellular Immunology, with a strong foundation in nutrition and inflammation.
  • Must be able to study the ability of diet to affect the flow of genetic information using in vitro systems and in vivo animal models.
  • Gene expression techniques, molecular biology, and protein purification and analysis are critical areas of experience.
  • Experience running high-throughput experiments, biochemical assays, animal husbandry, collecting and analyzing the data with appropriate statistical methods is a must.
  • A strong foundation in interdisciplinary sciences is also essential.
  • The candidate will train and supervise students and visiting scholars.

This position is located in Kannapolis, NC

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