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Xin Li

Postdoctoral Research Scholar


Dr. Xin Li is a postdoc in the lab of Dr. Sirius Li. His research aims to discover the regulatory mechanisms in plant growth using Arabidopsis thaliana, as well as translating what is learned from the model species to real-life agricultural innovation. In Dr. Xu Li’s lab, he combines bioinformatic data analysis with traditional genetics and biochemistry methods to study how lignin deficient mutations cause dwarfism in Arabidopsis. Xin is also working on a USDA-funded project to use genome engineering tools to improve seed oil yield of Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) and Camelina sativa, two recently domesticated bioenergy crops, to fight against climate change and help with greenhouse gas pollution reduction.


PhD Plant Biology University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

BS Biology Wuhan University


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