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Romit Seth

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Dr. Romit Seth is a plant researcher having a keen interest in understanding the natural algorithms underpinning system biology during plant-environment interactions. Dr. Seth is conducting post-doctoral research under the supervision of Dr. Massimo Iorizzo. The major research area comprises creation of of genetic and genomic resources for elucidation of metabolic pathways by identification of genes involved in the production of nutritionally-important phytochemical compounds (nutrients and bioactive metabolites) in fruits and vegetables.

  • 2022 - Young Researcher Award - InSc Institute of Scholars (Govt. of India)
  • 2022 - Life Membership & Certificate of Recognition as Reviewer - InSc Institute of Scholars (Govt. of India)
  • 2021 - Best oral presentation Award - 5th Seminar Student Series at CSIR-IHBT