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Massimo Iorizzo

Associate Professor, Small Fruit and Vegetable Genetics and Genomics

Department of Horticultural Science


Dr. Massimo Iorizzo is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University. He is a plant geneticist and his research program focuses on comparative structural genomics and genetics of traits associated with enhanced quality characteristics including health properties. Crops of interest in his program include blueberry, carrot, banana, pineapple, spinach, sweet potato, cranberry and potato. Milestones of his research on these crops includes development of six reference genomes and discovery of multiple genes involved in bioactive biosynthesis and regulation. He is the director and co-director of three multidisciplinary projects targeting blueberry, cranberry and carrot, aiming at advancing molecular breeding for quality characteristics for these crops. Through a transdisciplinary research approach he began efforts to understand the relationship among quality traits, bioactive accumulation, and their nutrigenomic properties (bioaccessibility). In the long term, his research will facilitate the selection of new fruit and vegetable cultivars with improved quality and health promoting characteristics.


PhD University of Naples “Federico II”

MS University of Naples “Federico II”


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  • 2022 University Scholar