Heeduk Oh

Graduate Student

Lead Advisor:  Dr. Massimo Iorizzo and Dr. Penelope Perkins-Veazie

Home Department: Horticultural Science

Research Summary: Heeduk Oh is a PhD student whose research focuses on improving the shelf-life of blueberry fruits as part of the VacCAP project. Blueberries are soft fruits and can soften rapidly during postharvest storage and transport. Loss of quality leads to reduced profitability and negative consumer experience. Delaying softening or breeding cultivars with prolonged storability/shelf-life would significantly improve the market life of blueberries and reduce food loss. The aim of this study is to understand the key players determining fruit shelf-life in blueberry and elucidate the underlying genetics to assess the potential of exploiting molecular approaches for breeding programs.

Heeduk received his BS and MS in Horticultural Science at Seoul National University, South Korea.

Google Scholarhttps://scholar.google.co.kr/citations?user=y_JpbHIAAAAJ&hl=en

Heeduk Oh