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Giuseppe Valacchi

Professor, Regenerative Medicine

David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor

Department of Animal Science


Dr. Valacchi has been interested in evaluating the effect of exogenous and endogenous sources of oxidative stress on target organs, such as skin, GI tract and lung, and the signal pathways involved in the cellular responses to these insults with special focus on epithelial wound healing. In addition he aims to study how new topical approaches (derived from natural and synthetic compounds) can ameliorate wound healing and tissue regeneration in both physiological and pathological situations. In the last 10 years he has also been pursuing research involved in understanding the role of oxidative stress in a rare disease, Rett Syndrome, defined as a neurodevelopment pathology, and in the aging processes and how dietary intervention can improve the clinical feature.

Valacchi is a member of the SFRR Europe Council and he is author of more than 250 peer-reviewed international papers, 15 book chapters, one book with H index of 52 and more than 8,000 citations. He has been an invited speaker to more than 100 international conferences and served as organizer/chair to more than 80 international conferences. He has been grant reviewer for the Ministry of Health in CZ, France, England, China, and for the FAMRI association (American Federal Panel). He has won several awards, among them the Entelligence Award from Actelion, OCC Young Investigator Award, Science and Education Award recently he was awarded with the “doctorate honoris causa” in Biochemistry and Pharmacy from the University of Buenos Aires and in 2019 he won the SFRR-E “clinical award”. He is the Associate Editor for the Journal Mediators of Inflammation, Frontiers in Cellular Biochemistry, World Research Journal of Biochemistry and Biomed Research International (Dermatology Subjects), Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. In addition, he is part of the Editorial Board of several international journals including Archives in Biochemistry and Physics, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine, Genes and Nutrition, Open Biochemistry Journal, Journal of Complementary and Traditional Medicine, and Frontiers in Inflammation Pharmacology.


PhD Cellular physiology and neuroimmunophysiology University of Siena

BS Physiopathology University of Siena


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