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Bioactives and Health Symposium

Hosted at the North Carolina Research Campus
May 19, 2023

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Join us for the inaugural Bioactives and Health Symposium on Friday, May 19, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, at the Core Lab on the North Carolina Research Campus (150 Research Campus Drive, Kannapolis, NC 28021).

The symposium will focus on understanding the beneficial properties of bioactives in human health and bringing new insights on their mechanism of action.


Opening and Welcome

Session I
Chairpersons: Giuseppe Valacchi and Patricia Oteiza

10:00-10:30Bioactives: antioxidants and or redox regulators
Cesar (Billy) Fraga, University of Buenos Aires
10:30-11:00The trajectory of botanical therapeutics: Where we were, and where we are going
Mary Ann Lila, North Carolina State University
11:00-11:30Zinc and redox homeostasis: Impact in neurodevelopment
Patricia Oteiza, University of California, Davis
11:30-12:00Understanding the commercial challenges of including bioactives in human dietary support
Nicholas Gillitt, CSO Berkley
12:00-1:00Lunch & Tour of NC Food Innovation Lab

Session II
Chairpersons: Cesar (Billy) Fraga and Mary Ann Lila

1:00-1:30Multi-omics approaches to exercise and nutrition immunology
David Nieman, Appalachian State University
1:30-2:00Plant breeding/genetics and bioactive health: Gaps and opportunities
Massimo Iorizzo, North Carolina State University
2:00-2:30Effects of anthocyanins on inflammatory and metabolic responses to consumption of high-fat diets
Eleonora Cremonini, University of California, Davis
2:30-3:00Embracing the bitter: Health lessons of bitter principles in foods
Slavko Komarnytsky, North Carolina State University
3:00-3:30Impact of sex and gut microbiome on the metabolic effects of Cocoa flavonoids
Andrew Neilson, North Carolina State University
3:30-4:00Coffee Break

Session III – Flash Talks
Chairpersons: David Nieman and Roberta Targino Hoskin

4:00-4:15Technological strategies for the successful development of bioactive-rich products
Roberta Targino Hoskin, North Carolina State University
4:15-4:30Dietary supplementation with omega−3 fatty acids as coadjuvant strategy to ameliorate Rett syndrome phenotype
Alessandra Pecorelli, University of Ferrara, Italy
4:30-4:45Identification of bromelain subfamily proteases encoded in the pineapple genome
Ashley Yow, North Carolina State University
4:45-5:00Utilizing Earth’s most abundant source of protein
Fadia Milhem, North Carolina State University
5:00-5:15Ethosomes and transethosomes as new delivery technology for cutaneous bioactives
Agnese Bondi, University of Ferrara, Italy
5:15-5:30Closing Remarks and Awards

Social Activities