The Lila Lab – Current Projects




Fractionation of fruit and vegetable extracts Dole Food Company
Literature search, prioritization of plant antimicrobial candidates Noble Biomaterials, Inc
Plant Pathway Elucidation Project (P2EP) Summer Showcase Symposium NCBC
A Cross-Comparison of LC MS and NMR Platforms for Metabolite Profiling of Fruits, and of Their Marker Metabolites Post Ingestion: New Project Title “Determining the Fate of Key Fruit Phytoactive Compounds in Human Fluids: A Cross-Comparison Pre- and Post-Ingestion using LC MS and NMR Platforms for Metabolite Profilin Dole Food Company
Development, characterization and comprehensive compositional evaluation of treatment intervention(s) and placebo for the Dole/ASU/PFR/NSCU HIT (high intensity training) Athlete Clinical Trial scheduled for fall 2014 Dole Food Company
Berries and Bone Purdue University (NIH)
Comprehensive Phytochemical Analysis of Pistachio Kernels, Skins and Hulls American Pistachio Growers
Plant Pathways Elucidation Project (P2EP) UNCGA
Individualized Nutrition: Interactions between Plant Food Consumption and Human Health Outcomes USDA