Julien Curaba

Title: Research Scholar

PhD in Molecular & Cellular Biology (2004), Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France

Email: jbcuraba@ncsu.edu
Phone: 704-250-5489


More information about Julien Curaba

Dr. Julien Curaba is a member of the Iorizzo Lab, where he is working to characterize the molecular pathway controlling the biosynthesis of pigments in carrot. Another current research focus is related to the study of flowering in pineapple. He has past experience in plant molecular biology and knowledge in biochemistry, cellular biology and bioinformatics. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms controlling gene expression during plant development. He first worked on the characterization of transcription factors controlling the development of trichome in Arabidopsis thaliana and later specialized on small-RNA mediated regulations in Arabidopsis, barley and soybean plants.