Han-Yi Chen

Title: Senior Research Scholar

Ph. D., The University of Georgia, Athens, GA
M.S., Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
B.S., Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan

Email: hchen29@ncsu.edu
Phone: 704-250-5470


More information about Han-Yi Chen

Dr. Han-Yi Chen’s research interests are in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in plants, especially the phenylpropanoid metabolism. His previous research experience was focused on the phenylpropanoid enzyme functions and pathway manipulation. After joining Dr. Li’s lab, his work has been expanded to understanding the effect of lignin biosynthesis perturbation on the primary growth in plants by using Arabidopsis as the model system. Han-Yi is also involved in the research of novel plant metabolites identification by studying various Arabidopsis accessions. Besides plant science, he is also enthusiastic in chromatography related analytical chemistry, such as HPLC-MS, a powerful tool that is used for plant metabolomic studies in Dr. Li’s lab.