Debora Esposito

Assistant Professor, Regenerative Medicine, Department of Animal Science

Ph.D., Cell Molecular Plant Biology, Rutgers University
M.B.S., Drug Discovery and Development, Rutgers University
B.S., Chemistry, Federal University of Vicosa, Vicosa, Brazil

Lab Personnel:

Jade Schlamb, Research Technician
Larissa Pereira Silva, Visiting Scholar
Nick Thompson, Graduate Student

More information about Debora Esposito

Dr. Debora Esposito, a native of Brazil, joined the Plants for Human Health Institute as a lead faculty member in 2016. She is particularly interested in researching biologically active phytochemicals derived from edible plants. Her passion is to improve human health and longevity through scientific research on the beneficial effects of phytochemicals. She hopes that the knowledge generated from research on fruits and vegetables will modify dietary recommendations for improved human health. Her research involves an interdisciplinary, broad-based tissue regeneration and repair research program that applies basic scientific discoveries in the areas of phytochemistry, regenerative medicine, and skin care to improve human health and wellbeing. Her lab focuses on application of plant-based bioactives to three interconnected research areas: 1) inflammation and tissue regeneration as it applies to wound healing and skin care; 2) cell-based biological screening in conventional, 3D matrices, and stem culture technologies; and 3) muscle aging and repair.

From 2013 to 2015, she served as the Director of Cell Culture Facility at PHHI, leading research on inflammation, muscle tissue regeneration, and skin care applications of edible plants. After a year as a senior research scientist at the Dole Nutrition Institute, Kannapolis, NC, she rejoined PHHI as an assistant professor. She received the Elleen Brennan Research Award in recognition of her innovative research thesis: “Pharmacological characterization of brassinosteroids for anabolic and cosmetic applications.”


Debora Esposito