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Here at PHHI we are leading the discovery and delivery of innovative plant-based solutions to advance human health. Our research addresses the role agricultural crops play in disease and illnesses. Fruits and vegetables have been shown to contain compounds that effect health and wellness both by providing nutritional components as well as enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against chronic disease.

Simply choose a category of interest. The information is cross-referenced, so start with the topic you are familiar with or one you have questions about and dive in to learn more.

Crop (+ Recipes)

Body System

Disease or Health Issue

Ajuga turkestanica Cardiovascular System Allergies
Black Jamapa Beans Digestive System Alzheimer’s Disease
Black Chokeberry Endocrine System Cancer
Black Currant Immune System Cholesterol
Blackberries Integumentary System Chronic Inflammation
Blueberries Muscular System Diabetes
Cinnamon Nervous System Heart Disease
Cranberry Skeletal System Hypertension
Durango Root Urinary System Malaria
Easter Lily Multiple Sclerosis
Elderberry Muscle Loss
Grapes Obesity
Lucuma Nut Parkinson’s Disease
Mamuyo Weight Gain
Mango Wound Healing
Maqui Berries
Moringa Leaves
Swamp Milkweed
Sweet Potato
Thunder God Vine
Tulip Tree Bark

*The information on this site is in no way offering a cure or treatment to a health disease or illness. As with any health concern, the best course of action is to speak with your medical provider. Our research is merely offering what the science is showing on how plants have the ability to offer solutions in human health.


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