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Where’s the Science? In the Lab, Field and Home

Why does research into plants and human health matter? The Plants for Human Health Institute developed a new interactive exhibit to provide answers to the important questions that sometimes puzzle the public.

Nutrithon Duathlon – 5K/8K Run (Sep. 7, 2013)

The 2013 Nutrithon Duathlon 5K and 8K run takes place September 7 at the N.C. Research Campus in Kannapolis. Participants can enjoy the race around Kannapolis while engaging with cutting-edge science programs at the N.C. Research Campus.

N.C. State Scientists Searching for Salmonella

A team of North Carolina State University scientists is looking for <i>Salmonella</i> on tomatoes and around tomato production areas. What they find could help farmers grow tomatoes that have a decreased likelihood of carrying the harmful bacteria.

Researchers study impacts of cooking methods on blueberry benefits

In a scientific study, researchers with N.C. State's Plants for Human Health Institute measured the levels of health-promoting phytochemicals in blueberries after putting them through a variety of cooking methods. The results revealed a decline in certain compounds depending on cooking method.