N.C. State Launches a New Online Resource for N.C. Strawberry Growers

When a question about strawberries comes to mind there’s no need to go globetrotting across the World Wide Web, one stop at the recently launched Strawberry Growers Information Portal will provide the answer. The N.C. State University Program for Value-Added & Alternative Agriculture, with a grant from the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, developed the Strawberry Growers Information Portal to bring together on one Website all the resources pertaining to business management and production of strawberries in North Carolina.

North Carolina Corn

The value of the corn harvest in N.C. in 2006 was $288 million. This includes 700,000 acres harvested for grain and 45,000 acres harvested for silage. Corn production in the state for grain is concentrated in the coastal plain, and the average statewide yield is 132 bushels/acre. Silage is harvested mainly in the western half of the state and is more concentrated around dairy producing areas. The National Corn Growers Association provides additional resources.