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North Carolina Strawberries

Strawberry season in North Carolina begins in April, and what better way to welcome the spring heat than with cool, fresh and nutritious locally grown strawberries. Did you know that N.C. ranks third in the U.S., with nearly 2,000 acres producing about 19 million pounds of strawberries each year? This delicious fruit accounts for roughly $18 million of annual farm income in N.C. Unlike other leading strawberry-producing states, almost all of the berries produced in North Carolina are sold for fresh market right here in the state - direct to consumers as Pick-Your-Own, at farm stands or to local supermarket chains. Visit the N.C. Strawberry Association to learn more.

Business Development Tools for Producers & Growers

Interested in building or expanding an agricultural business? A series of seven tools for assessing new agricultural business ideas has been developed to help evaluate your business endeavor.

Discovering Nature’s Possibilities – N.C. State University Seminar Series at the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building, N.C. Research Campus in Kannapolis.

Every Tuesday in May from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Join N.C. State University at the new N.C. Research Campus for a series of seminars that will introduce you to our scientists, staff and groundbreaking research in Kannapolis. Presentations will be delivered by our researchers and will provide the community with health, nutrition and produce safety information they can use to enhance their daily lives. These seminars have been developed for producers and consumers, so everyone is encouraged to attend!

The Produce Lady Has A New Blog!

The Produce Lady’s blog provides a personal look at locally grown foods, healthy recipes, N.C. farmers markets, produce videos and food safety practices.

North Carolina Eggs

Ranking 12th in egg production in the United States, North Carolina has over 8.5 million layers that produce over 6.5 million table eggs per day - that's more than 2.3 billion eggs each year. Eggs are North Carolina's 7th largest cash farm product. That’s a lot of potential Easter eggs! The North Carolina Egg Association represents egg producer members in the state of North Carolina. For more information, you can visit