Josh Kellogg

Josh Kellogg
Graduate Student

Ph.D. Candidate, N.C. State University
M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
B.S., University of California, Berkeley

Mr. Josh Kellogg works with graduate advisor, Dr. Mary Ann Lila. His research focus is medicinal plants, ethnobotany and infectious disease. He is engaged in research to develop a robust field-deployable assay using microalgae to screen plant extracts for potential antimalarial activity. In collaboration with scientists in Ecuador, he is investigating traditional antimalarial plants for bioactive chemistry and in vitro efficacy against the malarial parasite. Kellogg is also working with the Global Institute for BioExploration (GIBEX) in establishing research partnerships with developing countries and indigenous cultures worldwide to better bridge traditional culture and Western science in the research of natural products.


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