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The N.C. Cooperative Extension Service houses a multidisciplinary group of professionals at the N.C. Research Campus as part of the Plants for Human Health Institute. Providing expertise in farm business management, communications and marketing, and fresh produce safety, these Cooperative Extension staff serve as an outreach component to complement the research conducted at PHHI.

Newsletters By Date

Newsletters By Date

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November /December 2010 (printable pdf/html)

  • USDA Grant Adds Value for Producer Groups, Agents
  • Grants Grow Program’s Outreach Efforts
  • N.C. Strawberry Project Takes Root
  • Farmers Markets Resources
  • New Resources @

September/October 2010 (printable pdf/html)

  • Mock Farm Audits Are Training Tools
  • 2010 Fresh Produce Safety Training Impacts
  • Fresh Produce Safety Portal
  • Tier 2 Trainings Scheduled Across the State
  • Fresh Produce Safety Symposium 2010
  • Intern Helping Develop Risk Management Tools

July/August 2010 (printable pdf/html)

  • Gov. Perdue Expands Value-Added Cost Share Program
  • N.C. Value-Added Cost Share Program Helps N.C. Farmers
  • We Need Your Help!

May/June 2010 (printable pdf/html)

  • N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Grant Helps N.C. MarketReady Expand “The Produce Lady” Effort
  • James L. Oblinger Joins Faculty at N.C. Research Campus
  • Team Member Awards
  • N.C. Rural Economic Development Center Grant Supports Fresh Produce Safety Program
  • New Resources @

Winter Issue 2010 (printable pdf/html)

  • N.C. MarketReady Announces New Leader
  • $1.2 Million Value-Added Cost Share Program Helps Farmers
  • New Resources @
  • Partnership with Plants for Human Health Institute at N.C. Research Campus


November/December 2009 (printable pdf/html)

  • National Demand Up for Fresh Produce, but N.C. Consumption Falls Short
  • New Look, New Name

September/October 2009 (printable pdf/html)

  • September Is Food Safety Month: Update on N.C. Fresh Produce Safety Initiative
  • New Resource: Strawberry Growers Information Portal
  • Research Focus: Fresh Produce Traceability
  • Hand-Washing Facility Prototype
  • Food Safety Legislation

July/August 2009 (printable pdf/html)

  • Residential/Lifestyle and Retirement Farms: Part-time Farmers Make a Difference in N.C.
  • New Resource for N.C. Farmers: $1.2 Million Value-Added Cost Share Program
  • New Web Resources Available


Special Edition 2008 (printable pdf/html)

  • Tax Tips for Your 2007 Returns
  • North Carolina Tax Credit Pointers

February 2008 (printable pdf/html)

  • Textile Connect Weaves Together Textile Industry Threats
  • The Changing Face of Agriculture

January 2008 (printable pdf/html)

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Direct Marketed Grass-fed Beef
  • How the Internet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Direct Market Business


December 2007 (printable pdf/html)

  • N.C. Good Agricultural Practices Certification Assistance Program
  • Irrigation Water Management During Drought

November 2007 (printable pdf/html)

  • Coping with the Drought
  • Essential Ingredients of a Specialty Food Business

August 2007(printable pdf/html)

  • Tips for Marketing Beef Directly to the Consumer

June 2007 (printable pdf/html)

  • Frozen Crops, Dry Weather, Reduced Revenues: Helping Farmers Evaluate Alternatives

April 2007 (printable pdf/html)

  • Reduce Your On-Farm Liability
  • Prevent Contamination at Pick-Your-Own Operations

February 2007 (printable pdf/html)

  • Sustainable vs. Organic
  • 5 A’s of a Successful Start-up
  • Understanding Insurance


December 2006 (printable pdf/html)

  • New Tool Kit Helps Agents Offer Business Know-How
  • Is This Insurance Company Licensed to Do Business in NC
  • 9 Questions Producers Should Ask Their Insurance Agents
  • What Is Your Client’s EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient)?
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