NC Cooperative Extension

The N.C. Cooperative Extension Service houses a multidisciplinary group of professionals at the N.C. Research Campus as part of the Plants for Human Health Institute. Providing expertise in farm business management, communications and marketing, and fresh produce safety, these Cooperative Extension staff serve as an outreach component to complement the research conducted at PHHI.



Marketing communications is how an organization positions itself, establishes an identity and communicates its messages to key audiences. It includes strategic planning, public relations, crisis preparedness, media relations and more. The resources in this section will help growers and Cooperative Extension agents work more effectively with key audiences and the media – a key channel for communicating about an operation.

This section includes material developed specifically for growers, but can be useful for Extension agents as well. There are a variety of reasons growers and Extension agents may find themselves working with the media: the opening of a new facility, a business milestone or the start of a season. They could also find the media calling about a recent food-related outbreak, pesticide contamination, severe weather or other crisis. Preparedness is the key when working with the media and other key audiences, so take time to review these materials and become familiar with the benefits and uses.

For marketing materials of a more business-oriented nature, visit the Business Management section.


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