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The N.C. Cooperative Extension Service houses a multidisciplinary group of professionals at the N.C. Research Campus as part of the Plants for Human Health Institute. Providing expertise in farm business management, communications and marketing, and fresh produce safety, these Cooperative Extension staff serve as an outreach component to complement the research conducted at PHHI.

Business Development

Business Development

The business development resources on this page are here to help you build or maintain an agricultural business. Agricultural businesses are vital to North Carolina’s continuing success and prosperity. Agriculture is North Carolina’s top industry, accounting for roughly $68 billion in state revenue – more than 20 percent of the state’s income. Farmers, producers and other agriculturally related professionals account for 17 percent of the N.C. workforce.

Business Development Files


Interested in building or expanding an agricultural business? Your Cooperative Extension agent can review with you a new series of business development files that are designed to assist producers like you in your agricultural business endeavors.

Your agent will walk you through a step-by-step evaluation of your business plans and help you determine the long-term feasibility of the project. N.C. State University’s agricultural business development expert, Gary Bullen, developed this information to evaluate each aspect of building an agricultural business, from market and competitor analysis to legal and insurance considerations. Contact your Cooperative Extension agent.

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Review the Business Development Files (PDF)


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