Faculty & Staff

Plants for Human Health Institute Program Directors

Institute Director/Research
Mary Ann Lila

Business Operations
Tara Vogelien

Cooperative Extension
Jonathan Baros

PHHI Organizational Chart

Megan Bame Greenhouse Operations Technician Research 704-250-5461 mweddin@ncsu.edu
Jonathan Baros PHHI Extension Coordinator, Farm & Agribusiness Management (Fruits & Vegetables) Extension 704-250-5458 jrbaros@ncsu.edu
Christine Bradish Graduate Student Research 919-515-1220 cmbradis@ncsu.edu
Allan Brown Applied Molecular Geneticist, Assistant Professor Research 704-250-5417 afbrown2@ncsu.edu
Kranthi Chebrolu Postdoctoral Research Associate Research 704-250-5447 kkchebro@ncsu.edu
Diane Ducharme GAPs Program Coordinator, Extension Associate Extension 704-250-5402 dduchar@ncsu.edu
Debora Esposito Research Specialist Research 704-250-5465 daesposi@ncsu.edu
Brittani George Research Technician Research 704-250-5472 bmgeorge@ncsu.edu
Mary Grace Senior Researcher Research 704-250-5418 mhgrace@ncsu.edu
Tzung-Fu Hsieh Systems Biologist, Epigenetics, Assistant Professor Research 704-250-5467 thsieh3@ncsu.edu
Ray Jacobs Graduate Student Research 843-599-1478 rljacobs@ncsu.edu
Randy Keller Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Extension, Research 704-250-5420 rgkeller@ncsu.edu
Josh Kellogg Graduate Student Research 704-250-5413 jjkellog@ncsu.edu
Moo Jung Kim Graduate Student Research 919-515-3178 mkim10@ncsu.edu
Slavko Komarnytsky Metabolic Biology and Pharmacogenomics, Assistant Professor Research 704-250-5459 komarnytsky@ncsu.edu
Xu "Sirius" Li Plant Metabolic Pathway Engineer, Assistant Professor Research 704-250-5460 xli24@ncsu.edu
Mary Ann Lila Director, Plants for Human Health Institute; David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor Research 704-250-5407 mlila@ncsu.edu
Steve Lommel Director of N.C. Agricultural Research Service; Assistant Dean for Research, CALS; William Neal Reynolds Professor Research 919-515-6990 slommel@ncsu.edu
Guoying Ma Research Specialist Research 704-250-5445 gma@ncsu.edu
Aubrey Mast Extension Associate, Nutrition Extension 704-250-5471 acmast@ncsu.edu
Dona Miller Office Assistant Extension, Research 704-250-5449 dkmille2@ncsu.edu
Justin Moore Extension Communications (Media Contact) Extension, Research 704-250-5433 tjmoore3@ncsu.edu
Susan Nealey Office Manager Extension, Research 704-250-5400 sadotson@ncsu.edu
Joyce O'Neal Lab Research Technician Research 704-250-5443 jloneal3@ncsu.edu
Penelope Perkins-Veazie Postharvest Physiologist, Professor Research 704-250-5419 pmperkin@ncsu.edu
Nathalie Plundrich Graduate Student, Research Assistant Research 704-250-5441 njplundr@ncsu.edu
Ebony Powers Watermann Plant Pathway Elucidation Project (P2EP) Program Manager, Marketing & Internship Development Extension 704-250-5451 epwaterm@ncsu.edu
Maggie Schneider Graduate Student Research 704-250-5400 meschne3@ncsu.edu
Jonathan Shea Graduate Student Research 704-999-1572 jshea8@uncc.edu
Lorie Solomon-Beale Laboratory Research Technician Research 704-250-5453 lasolomo@ncsu.edu
Susan Stirewalt Bookkeeper Extension, Research 704-250-5403 ssstirew@ncsu.edu
Renee Strauch Senior Research Scholar Research 704-250-5464 rcstrauc@ncsu.edu
Michael Timmers Postdoctoral Research Associate Research 704-250-5446 matimmer@ncsu.edu
Tara Vogelien Director, Business & Research Administration Extension, Research 704-250-5401 tlalmeki@ncsu.edu
Charles Warlick Lab Technician Research 704-250-5441 cwwarlic@ncsu.edu
Brittany Whitmire N.C. Value-Added Cost Share Program Coordinator Extension 828-577-8598 bfwhitmi@ncsu.edu
Mickey Wilson Lab Technician Research mlwilso8@ncsu.edu
Gad Yousef Senior Researcher Research 704-250-5431 ggyousef@ncsu.edu
Changqing Zhang Senior Researcher Research 704-250-5468 czhang13@ncsu.edu
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